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For a dedicated Acorn user like me, the next step up from a BBC micro was one of the Acorn “Archimedes” computers. These were really ahead of their time, offering a powerful 32-bit ARM processor and a graphical “desktop” interface long before Windows 95 appeared for the PC.

In 1991 I acquired an Acorn A3000 (Archimedes) and started work on utilising it for SSTV. In some ways, the display was a step backwards from the Framestore (ColourStore 2000), as it offered only 256 colours, but by carefully choosing the colour palette and adding extra shades by using dithering, a good quality image could be produced. I used parts of the interface from the Framestore project and soon Arc_SSTV was born.

Despite the requirement for a fairly complex interface, I sold a few copies of Arc_SSTV to other Acorn enthusiasts.

Picture transmitted in Martin 1 mode from Arc_SSTV and received on HF.

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