This website is mainly used to display my received SSTV images, but there are a few other pages that you might find of interest. The Articles section is more of a "miscellaneous" section for pages that do not fit into another category. I will also add a few comments on SSTV-related matters on this page from time-to-time.

73, Paul G4IJE.

3rd October 2020

Received a few images on 2m from the ISS whilst away for a days in the Peak District. Just using a dipole at about 20 feet:

17th June 2020

I just picked up a secondhand Yaesu FT-891 to use for SSTV reception so there should be a good number of received images posted again.

5th May 2020

It's that time of year again! My IC-7300 will be busy looking for sporadic E on 4m so the number of SSTV images posted here will be lower than normal for the next few months.

5th April 2020

Check out my YouTube video demonstrating that the Robot 1200C is still a viable SSTV system.


19th January 2020

I have removed a lot of the links to the previous months pictures (on the RX pics page) as they were beginning to occupy a bit too much screen area. I doubt anyone actually uses them anyway! I may find a way to include links to the archives for those that are interested. I will probably display links to just the previous year's received pictures on the RX pics page.

2nd August 2019

More good images from the ISS today. Unfortunately I forgot to set my frequency label to 145.800MHz so they are all labelled as 14.230MHz and it's too much hassle to change it! Sorry about that.

1st August 2019

Nice to see that the low level SSTV audio from the ISS has been fixed. Many good quality PD-120 mode pictures are coming in on 145.800MHz FM.

25th May 2019

Due to recent equipment changes in my shack, the only transceiver I have that is suitable for HF SSTV reception is my IC-7300. This is primarily used on 4 metres and now the sporadic E season has arrived, it will spend most of its time on that band. Therefore the number of SSTV pictures I post will fall dramatically for the next few months. Hopefully normal service will resume in the Autumn.

13th April 2019

SSTV from the ISS this weekend but unfortunately they have very low TX audio so the pictures are very noisy. I have posted a few of the better ones.

30th March 2019

Lots of contest QRM on 20m today so not expecting many pictures.

17th February 2019

I have created a gallery of the pictures I have received from the ISS and added it to the main menu bar.

9th February 2019

A few images received from the ISS in PD120 mode today:

22nd December 2018

I just noticed that the "favourites" page has not been updated since October. I have found the bug and fixed it so it should be OK now.

27th October 2018

Lots of contest QRM today so there may be fewer images than normal for a Saturday.

31st July 2018

I have modified the rxpics page so that PD mode images - such as those from the ISS - are displayed correctly. The previous version of the page expected all images to be 320 x 256 and couldn't cope with images that were 640 x 512.

Several more nice pics from the ISS today. This one is a composite from two different passes:

30th July 2018

More PD-120 mode SSTV from the ISS on 145.800MHz FM today:

21st July 2018

The RX pics system is down at the moment as I am having some issues with the sound devices on my PC. I finally got FT8 mode working again on my IC-7300 and I don't want to risk upsetting it by reconnecting the FT-991A. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!

UPDATE: I managed to get things working, although it is a temporary fix and more work is needed. The system may be down for a while tomorrow.

1st July 2018

Nice pictures received in PD120 mode on 145.800MHz from the ISS this morning:

19th May 2018

The RX pics system may be not be running quite so often for the next couple of months now that the sporadic E season has arrived. My IC-7300 will be mainly staying on 4m and my IC-991A will be used for everything else, including 2m FT8, occasional checks on 6m FT8 (just using my OCF dipole) and 20m SSTV.


14th April 2018

More SSTV from the ISS today:

13th April 2018

Noise free picture received from the ISS this afternoon on 145.800MHz FM in PD120 mode. The signal peaked S9+30dB on my 5 element horizontal yagi.

2nd April 2018

Received from the ISS today in PD120 mode:

24th March 2018

Huge contest signals across the band today so not expecting much SSTV.

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