SSTV Links

MMSSTV Probably the best SSTV program for modern PCs.
G0HWC Analogue, digital, APRS, truck cam - a bit of everything here!
OK2MNM SSTV handbook - downloadable PDFs.
iPad SSTV SSTV receive on iPad or iPhone.
daytonpaper.pdf SSTV mode specifications, presented at the Dayton SSTV forum in 2000.
KD2BD Using modern hardware and software to get the best out of the
original 8-second format.
SSTV Tools SSTV Signal Generator, Signal Viewer and Image Denoiser from
Alex Shovkoplyas, VE3NEA.
ARISS SSTV images received from the International space Station
WA9TT SSTV website of Larry Peterson, WA9TT (ex-WB9KMW)

Other Amateur Radio Links "Ham radio on the net"
Tropo forecasts William Hepburn's Worldwide Tropospheric Ducting Forecasts
Essex Ham Ham Radio in Essex The Four Metres Website UK Six Metre Group
DXMAPS Live propagation maps (link is to 50MHz in EU)
Web SDR Web SDR at the University of Twente in the Netherlands
Maker Pro Projects centered around Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison, home automation and more.




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