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MMswitcher provides an easy way to select multiple MMSSTV configurations for use with different sound cards. These days it is quite common for amateurs who work digital modes or SSTV to use interfaces with built-in sound cards. If you wish to use more than one sound card interface, you would normally have to either install multiple copies of MMSSTV or change the settings on the Options screen each time you run the program. MMSSTV saves all its settings to an "ini" file (called mmsstv.ini) and this is updated every time the program closes. MMswitcher works by making a copy of the current mmsstv.ini file and allocating it to a "profile" which can be recalled later and used to start MMSSTV.

You must follow the instructions in the help file to make MMswitcher work correctly. The initial set up procedure is a little complicated but once carried out the program is very easy to use. 

Please note that this is experimental software. I make no guarantees about it's suitability for any purpose. No doubt your antivirus/internet security software will issue dire warnings when you download the ZIP file, simply because it contains an executable (.exe) file. You will have to over-ride those warnings to proceed.

There is no setup file. Just unzip the MMswitcher.exe file and save it anywhere you like - the desktop perhaps. Double-click on the icon to run the program and read the Help file.

Contact me via email (paul@classicsstv.com) if you have any comments or queries.

Download MMswitcher

YouTube video showing MMswitcher in use


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